Partnering with my clients in a thought-provoking and creative process to find and action their potential and possibilities from a powerful place honoring the fabric of who they are at their very core.  I am committed to helping leaders undergo their own personal revolution to ignite their lives and the world around them.  I am committed to offering a practical, inspiring, and fun process of exploration, and transformation specific to my clients’ needs. By holding a vision for my client beyond what they envision for them self, and believing that my client is capable of realizing that vision, my client will achieve levels of career and life satisfaction previously held as impossible.


open quotation markMy mission it to elevate the spirit of leadership, both individually and within organizations, one conversation at a time.”

~ Lisa Schell, Founder


The core values in my life are represented in the following words:  love, truth, freedom, integrity, courage, authenticity, family, relatable, teaching, connectedness, sharing, creativity, fun, and adventure.


I work most effectively with clients who, at some point in their life, have experienced some kind of awakening no matter how fleeting; an experience that gave a glimpse into life’s vast interconnectedness and potential; and a reminder that the world is in fact a small family for which we are all apart of and responsible for.

 Are you feeling lost?

Are you searching for meaning or a sense of purpose in your Life?

Feeling stuck in unproductive patterns, attitude and self-definition?

Wanting to take your career to the next level?


Try my services:         

Business & Personal CoachingSpeaking & WorkshopsEnergy Healing Services
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I provide one-on-one business and personal coaching to individuals, couples, teams, businesses, and organizations focusing on transformational change and increasing professional and personal impact.
Depending on your requirements or workshop needs, I can customize my speaking and workshop topics. I specialize in:

1. Leadership
2. Mindfulness
3. Personal Effectiveness
Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing art dating back to the 20th century. I offer not only healing sessions that bring back the balance of body, mind, and spirit I also teach individuals who wish to learn to heal themselves and others. READ MORE>

I also offer Shamanic healing services that...


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